Quality in everyday life

Healthy nutrition

Nutrition is also very important to us. Our cuisine consists only of regional and seasonal products in organic quality and is very balanced. The children have a vegetarian lunch 3 times a week and 2 times with fish or meat. We do not use pork at all. In addition, we have a food ambassador who is constantly working on our nutritional concept.

Extraordinary excursions

We take the children outside every day and the children learn to recognise and appreciate nature as a habitat for plants, animals and people. Once a week, we go on a longer excursion with our children and visit Stuttgart Airport, Wilhelma or the city library, for example.

Festivals and celebrations

We organise and celebrate German and cultural festivals at the Early Bird Club. There are events both with and without parents, to which you are cordially invited at any time. The background to the respective festivals is discussed with the children in the morning circle.

Internal and external programmes

In addition to the programmes and activities offered by our teaching staff, we also have external service providers who, for example, offer weekly early childhood musical activities for the children. At kindergarten age, additional programmes such as kung fu or ballet can be chosen.

And beyond that

The educational programmes in the fields of mathematics, IT, science and technology (STEM) and education for sustainable development (ESD) are an integral part of the children’s everyday lives at our facility. This is why we have been awarded the “Haus der kleinen Forscher” certification.

Dialogue with parents

Door-to-door talks

Door-to-door talks take place at drop-off and pick-up times and serve as an informal exchange and positive relationship-building between parents and the educational staff. The door-to-door talk provides brief information about the child’s daily routine.

Orientation plan BaWü

Everyday life at the Early Bird Club is very colourful and varied. We enjoy crafting, singing, making music, experimenting and moving around. We present this to you in the form of a monthly review. Together with the children, we will select and display pictures of the daily activities on a monthly poster. In addition, a summarised overview of the offers/activities will be part of this poster. Furthermore, the horizontal subdivision shows which areas of education and development (body, senses, language, thinking, feeling and compassion, meaning, values and religion) were the focus of the respective programme or activity.

Informative parents’ evenings

Twice a year, each Early Bird Club organises parents’ evenings outside of opening hours. At the first parents’ evening, we provide you with extraordinary and impressive insights into our day-to-day life at the daycare centre in a special way, while the second parents’ evening of the year is topic-specific and clarifies our educational work.

We continue to develop

Pedagogical Quality Manager

Our pedagogical quality manager is responsible for all Early Bird Clubs. She trains new pedagogical leaders and English-speaking employees and offers trainee programmes. She is available to all Early Bird Club employees for pedagogical questions and is regularly on site at the individual centres.

Continuous pedagogical development

Three times a year, internal and external lecturers organise further training courses for our teaching staff. In this way, we guarantee ongoing development and the presence of pedagogical topics.

Always in view

Development documentation

Twice a year, the teachers offer the parents development talks, which are based on Kuno Beller and the Mondey scale. This means that parents are always informed about their child’s current level of development and the educational staff can offer personalised, high-quality support at all times.
In addition, a development portfolio is created for each child, which is updated monthly and records the individual developmental steps of your child visually and in writing.

Encourage without overburdening


Our children are educated bilingually in both English and German. We generally employ three teaching staff per group. At least one of the teachers is English-speaking. We use the principle of “une personne – une langue” according to Ronjat, which means that each specialist is assigned a language and only speaks to the children in their assigned language throughout the day. We also use the “immersion method”, which means that everything is reinforced by facial expressions and gestures, but never translated. In this way, we ensure optimal bilingual education.


From the age of 5, we offer pre-school lessons twice a week, once in German and once in English. The focus is on a different subject area each month and there is an annual visit to our co-operating school. In both summer and winter, we organise an excursion just for the pre-school children.

Optimal group structures

Closed groups

At the Early Bird Club, we attach great importance to implementing the closed concept, which gives the children a sense of security, safety and structure. To this end, we use so-called home groups in which the children play and eat every day. Each child is therefore assigned to a fixed home group and is always surrounded by the same three educational staff. This gives the children a sense of security, safety and structure and the children have a close bond with the teaching staff and the children in their own group.

Small groups / many professionals

Our teams consist solely of educational specialists, both English-speaking and German-speaking staff. We employ at least three educational specialists per group, which enables us to guarantee an above-average childcare ratio.

Genuine individuality

Individual and personalised tours

In order to give you an insight into our daycare centre before your child starts, we offer individual and flexible appointments for visits to our facilities, during which we explain the respective facility and our associated concept to you.

Individual rest periods

There are individual rest periods in both the kindergarten and the crèche, which are of course agreed with you. During the children’s bedtime, a pedagogical specialist is permanently present in the bedroom to observe and monitor the children so that optimum safety of the children is also guaranteed during bedtime.

New admissions all year round

In order to make the start as pleasant and individual as possible for you and your child, we offer year-round new admissions and therefore have no mass settling-in sessions. This means that your child’s teacher has the time to focus exclusively on your child and their start at our centre.