Games, Fun and Creativity

We encourage children’s natural inquisitiveness and creativity in a structured environment to enable exploration and free-thinking. We provide a variety of activities that will promote the children’s optimum growth and development: Language, learning and literature, block building and manipulative toys that are age appropriate, music & movement, arts and crafts and more. We help them to enrich their learning.

Nature and Environment Experienced

We make daily excursions with the children. For example, we visit the park of Villa Berg, the “Schlossgarten” or the “Kräuter- and Kräherwald”. There, especially children from the city get to know and appreciate nature as a habitat for plants, animals and people. Seasons and first laws of nature become understandable and the connections in nature experienced knowledge.

Promote Identity and Thought Processes

In the early morning all children spend time together. The little ones can orientate themselves on the big ones, in return they learn to take on their first responsibility. Afterwards, the individual needs and pace of play will be taken into account in the groups.

Discover the World with Language

We promote the multilingualism of the children by playing games and singing in German and English. For the young children we pay particular attention to clear facial expressions, gestures and intonation. The joy of speaking arises in everyday situations we discover and name together. Consistent approach in rituals like the morning circle reinforces the vocabulary.

Daily Routine

Our daily routine is structured by fixed times and recurring rituals. This gives the children a sense of security and orientation. Nevertheless, it is important for us to be flexible. That way we can respond appropriately to the group situation. We watch the children every day without loosing sight of the needs of the whole group.